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People often ask me which type of Feng Shui analysis should take priority over another. Also I can find clients worrying over details like keeping the toilet seat down, rather than looking at things that I consider far more important…so here is my current list of Feng Shui considerations, in order of priority.

Feng Shui Priorities

This list is definitely fluid, for example, if someone had painted the whole of the inside of their house black, then colour might be the number one consideration.

My priorities have definitely changed over time, for instance the Bagua used to be much higher up, before I had studied and practised Feng Shui to my current level.


1. Human Qi -a person's relationship with life, themselves, their home & the other people or animals there (if any)
2. Earth Qi – External Form – location, position, surroundings, sunlight, external qi flow, view, access, entrance
3. Space Clearing & Earth healing & EMFs
4. Internal Form – positions of rooms & furniture, internal qi flow
5. Heaven Qi – Flying Stars
6. Decor, colour, plants, materials, artwork, symbolic influences, clutter
7. Ming Gua/Bazhai
8. Bagua
9. 9 Star qi astrology (though this can of course be helpful in assessing the human qi – point 1!)