Feng Shui for your Home Testimonials

Client Testimonials

‘Life continues to be on the up for me – the house feels good and welcoming and my current employment is better than it’s ever been – so once again a very big thank you to you for your feng shui advice.’

Barbara Holt

Medical Secretary, Cleethorpes

‘Your feng shui report has been a fantastic resource – where i used to turn to it for guidance, i now realise that much of it has been internalised and i have a new, automatic respect for my spaces! And yes, life has changed since . . . in one of the ways we focussed on, at least. . .I am desperate to put all of your feng shui recommendations in place before calling you back to ‘fine tune’ the finished thing, and for a house-warming party. In my opinion it was money well spent!’

Laurie Joyce,

Self-employed Builder, Totnes, Devon

‘The Feng Shui report was easy to understand and made us keen to correct our problem areas, you would be very pleased with me Sue, no more clutter in my kitchen!! Outside we have also altered and changed pots and moved seats. This house now feels like my home and I feel more settled here. Sue is a beautiful lady who seems at peace with herself, very experienced and professional. By far the best feng shui consultant I have worked with.  I would definitely recommend her.’

Sylvia Rowlands,

Client, Devon

‘Just to say thank you for completing a Feng Shui update on the house, garden and business. After lots of renovation and upheavals plus probably too much multi-tasking I felt everything was shell-shocked. Would I recommend Sue, yes I would because…We all need validation as to whether we are on the right track, whether it’s aims and goals, the environment or our thinking… We all need to take time out…with someone who is on your wavelength. You gave me some wonderful Feng Shui tips, suggestions and reminded me of ways I’d forgotten, so thank you so very much Sue. Now the house will return to its former state of inner peace where everything will flourish.’

Sylvia Lerigo,

Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, Reiki & Seichem, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire

‘I have had M.E. for over 5 years, so I am very sensitive to energy. Sue made sure that the Feng Shui changes in my home would be appropriate for my health. I notice that I use the space differently now, and feel inspired to be more creative when I can. The garden feels different too – more peaceful. It feels like a positive new start. Thank you.’


Retired teacher, Leicester

‘The feng shui report was very in depth and thorough. I like the way I participated with the dowsing – I learnt something and saw the Geopathic Stress being removed. My health has definitely improved, my heart condition has stabilised, I have more energy and I’m losing weight without trying! I have better meditations and more peace of mind. It was excellent value for money, especially when you realise how much time, effort, and heart & soul Sue puts into it – and if you take the advice, it affects your whole life!’


Retired client, Daventry, Northants

‘Sue’s Feng Shui consultation was an excellent experience. Sue was very thorough, professional and helpful. I sleep better, have more energy and am able to focus on what I want to do in life. I have made positive changes regarding my lifestyle, relationships, friendships and my career and generally feel much more settled and at home. The guided meditation was an excellent experience. I gained a lot of insight into myself & was amazed at what came up. Great value for money!’


Community liaison & support worker, Nottingham

‘Sue’s Feng Shui consultation was a truly life-enriching experience. Thank you.’


Nurse, Nottingham

‘Sue was very in tune with my spirituality which was important to me. We had a wonderful day. The Feng Shui recommendations really made sense and the changes they brought were powerful and immediate. My family and I feel safer & and happier.’


Dental Technician, Dudley, Birmingham

‘Sue’s Feng Shui report and space clearing ceremony has made a tangible improvement to life in our house – the house feels much happier and more relaxed. I had been seriously ill and Sue was able to identify and clear lines of geopathic stress which she was able to show me through muscle testing. The Feng Shui report was inspirational, incredibly comprehensive and gave some really positive and easily achievable suggestions of how to improve the space within our house. Everything we have implemented so far has really made a difference!’


‘I deliberated for quite a while whether to have a feng shui consultation, mainly due to the cost.  I’m very glad I decided to go ahead in the end as it was a really interesting and thought provoking day.  Sue was easy to chat to about what I hoped to achieve from the experience and the follow up report was informative and fascinating.  It is perhaps an obvious thing to say but this is not a quick fix and the outcome still ultimately relies on you approaching the aspects of your life you are unhappy with from a different angle… but, whereas before I felt very unsettled and had a serious RightMove habit, now I absolutely LOVE my house and everyone in my family also feels much more settled.  Most of our house needs serious redecoration and when the time comes for that, I can look back through the report and utilise Sue’s ideas to the full. All in all I feel that things have snowballed from Sue’s visit – at last I feel I am on the right track. Of course, there are still issues that need on-going effort and hard work and yes, it is a pricey procedure to go through (although I believe Sue’s Feng Shui consultation is one of the more reasonably priced) but you are potentially paying for a chance to sort your life out once and for all and turn it into the life you really want.’


Holistic therapist in training, Wiltshire

‘The Feng Shui report was very useful and a great point of reference as it is so detailed! I can refer to it to remind me of all the things discussed and issues raised. The advice gave me a structure to work on to improve certain areas of my house for good Feng Shui. Most importantly, I am glad Sue stated that how one feels and one’s gut intuition are as relevant as the principles of Feng Shui in laying out one’s home. I will certainly contact Sue again once my extension is complete. Overall, the experience was fascinating, with a very holistic approach to my house and my life.’


House wife & mother, Bucks

‘If you are planning a Feng Shui and Space Clearing experience then we highly recommend Sue’s services. This lady inspires confidence, offers clarity, is focussed and shares her energy and knowledge with enthusiasm. The quality and depth of the Feng Shui report that followed was full of advice, recommendations and resource guidance. I have found it very useful and referred to it many times. We really enjoyed meeting Sue and the confidence she inspired in the whole proceedings. Our experience was that Sue brought a really good energy with her, was exactly the right person for us, and the unexpected benefits of the consultation have been a definite bonus.’

Brian and Sandra,

Clients, Birmingham

‘I appreciated Sue’s approach – finding solutions that fit in well with my lifestyle and beliefs. She has a very practical and appropriate understanding of Feng Shui. The consultation was in depth, personal, warm and practical. I felt that Sue put in a lot of effort and energy into a very detailed and personalised consultation. It far exceeded my expectations.’


Client, Windsor

‘I felt Sue was very in tune and supportive of my reasons for having the cottage feng shuied. In a word, ‘Lovely’. It was a special shared experience and I have no qualms about recommending Sue and her feng shui services to anyone. I will have her back at intervals for advice.’

Dot Crowe,

Reiki Practitioner & Community artist, Cleves Garden Studio, Barby, Warwickshire

‘Having been fairly skeptical about the whole ‘Feng Shui’ experience, a few months on I’m eating any negative words I once may have spoken. The whole day was a beautiful experience & continues to affect our thoughts & actions. We are slowly changing things around us & following Sue’s Feng Shui advice & suggestions. It’s not a miracle where you wake up the next day & everything’s changed & all your worries & troubles are gone but a gradual eye opener. Over the last few weeks I have got fitter, lost a stone, my business has flourished, & my relationship is amazing. So who knows what else may come. I don’t, but I do feel that my Feng Shui experience has had an enlightening & beautifully positive effect on our lives. Thank you.’


Graphic Designer, Northampton

‘Sue’s consultation really helped us to move on from a very ‘stuck’ place. After a berievement in the family, we felt our home needed ‘something’. Sue felt like a friend rather than a stranger. We have really enjoyed putting all the Feng Shui into place. It has given us something new to focus on, and our home feels very different and so do we. The main area we focused on was ‘Life’s Journey’, and it’s worked because we are moving forwards again at last.’

Clients, Cambridge

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