Feng Shui Consultant Sue Holmes (tel. 07786 291967) based in the South West, offering professional Feng Shui & Space Clearing Consultations throughout the Uk and abroad.

Sometimes, when I speak to prospective clients who are going through some kind of difficulty in their lives, they will have the notion that once they have re-organised their lives, they will schedule a Feng Shui Consultation. I actually recommend that people have the Feng Shui advice as soon as possible, since this – and the earth healing that I would carry out on the property – will immediately start to assist the process of bringing more clarity, balance and happiness into their life.

By making a conscious decision to change, we immediately feel more empowered and on our way out of difficulty. The application of Feng Shui gives us a new way of relating to our homes or business spaces. Many clients who have been experiecing difficulties or a feeling of being 'stuck in a rut' have found that a Feng Shui Consultation helps life to move forwards again, and brings in new opportunities. If you don't change anything then you will kep getting the same results – so why not try a Feng Shui Consultation & Space Clearing ceremony, to really invigorate and refresh your home, quality of life and vitality.

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