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Feng Shui Gardens

If you are lucky enough to have a garden or yard or even a balcony, then its wonderful to be able to include these outdoor areas into our living spaces when the weather is warm. One of life's simple pleasures is relaxing outside, whether caring for the plants, or reading a book, chatting with a friend or having a meal. Feng Shui principles can be applied to the garden just as they can to a house.

The front garden can be designed so that it attracts beneficial qi (life energy) to enter your home, and be a place where fast-moving qi from a road and traffic, may slow down and be enhanced before it enters your home. A back garden may be more private, and this will tend to the place where you can sit and relax. As you plant and care for your outdoor space, you can make it a creative meditation, so that you imagine the flowers and plants represent aspects of your life eg relationship, wealth, career etc and as you care for them, so you are nurturing your life areas too. 

I can assist you in designing your garden so that it is arranged in harmony with your home. Please contact me for more details.