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Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our senses. Our distant ancestors used this sense to survive. Smell can trigger instant emotions, for it is closely linked to our memories. A baby can smell its mother before they see them. And smell has a lot to do with attraction to or repulsion from other people. An American survey suggests that the divorce rate has increased since people mask their natural odours with chemicals and perfumes, so the familiar smell of our beloved cannot be sensed.

So in this often sanitised, deoderised, artificial environment, how refreshing and touching is it when we enter a room that has a natural beautiful smell? When you Feng Shui your home, do not neglect or dismiss the importance or effect that smell can have. Whether you choose an oil burner, flower essence/essential oil sprays or incense, I recommend that you try out various scents until you develop a repertoire of your favorites for different moods – uplifting, relaxing, sensual meditative, etc. Such a simple but effective way of transforming your living space.

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