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Feng Shui for men

 I have many enquiries from female clients who are open and interested in the concept of Feng Shui and energy work, and it intuitively makes sense to them, so they book a consultation with me. Sometimes a friend has recommended me, or they may have read something about Feng Shui and then found my website and become interested.

In some cases, once they have discussed the idea with their husband or boyfriend they then feel they have to cancel the appointment because he thinks its a waste of money and cannot see the value in it. Obviously it is disappointing that his opinion can squash her opportunity for transformation, but I understand why men tend to be more skeptical, given our culture, education system and the way the press and media handle such subjects.

Things are certainly changing for the better though. I must say that I find it immensely rewarding when male clients give me positive feedback after a consultation. 

If you are wanting a Feng Shui consultation or Space Clearing ceremony, and wondering how to convince your husband or boyfriend that it is worthwhile, then perhaps it could help to show them some of my testimonials from men – particularly those with their business name next to them. Also I am a very down to earth person, so it might help if I have a conversation with them on the phone, so that they can hear that I am not 'away with the fairies'!

Here are some links to Feng Shui testimonials from men and busineses

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