Today I carried out a Feng Shui consultation for a new home in Birmingham. It was a spacious detached family home with a private garden, but there were a few Feng Shui issues that were causing some concern. One was the fact that there was a road headed straight towards their gate, but actually this was on an angle so that it was not in line with their house, but with the garage so this is not such a problem. I showed them where to place a mirror and a windmill as 'cures' to reduce any negative effects. The next issue was the location of the master bedroom, since they had to have the bed opposite the door. I suggested that the husband sleeps directly opposite the door, so his wife is in a more protected position, and that they hang a piece of material at the end of the bed, creating a kind of curtain or 4 poster effect. 

I then discussed the other furniture positions – desk in the power position in the office, not blocking the centre of the room in the playroom, and creating a sociable seating area in the lounge. We discussed colour schemes, artwork, storage options and garden plans. 

I carried out an earth healing and garden blessing ceremony.

We had a nice lunch out, and all in all it was a very enjoyable day of Feng Shui.