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Feng Shui Consultant in Luxembourg

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a few days helping to run a healing retreat near Luxembourg in Belgium. Brian and I, plus two healer friends, drove out there with our campervan full of sound healing equipment – gongs, drums, singing bowls etc. We had been invited by a group who have been meditating together for over a decade, some for four decades – the youngest participant was around 30 and the eldest 72.

We stayed in a beautiful wooden house, with views of hills and forest. The house had been space cleared before we arrived and so felt energetically clean and fresh. Not only did we enjoy taking everyone on a journey of sound healing and energy healing, but with a group of experienced meditators, we were also able to drop into long periods of absolute stillness and silence together – a rare and exquisite experience.

Our gracious hosts made us feel very welcome, and we parted as though old friends, due to the rich healing and meditation experiences we had shared.

Thank you!