Furthering my studies in Feng Shui has brought me to Poland for the 1st time, to the medieval city of Krakow. It’s a while since I’ve been anywhere new to me, so it has been a real pleasure to experience. I’ve been staying on the edge of the old town, which as the guide book says, is a ‘visual feast of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque architecture’. I’m not normally that taken with cities, it’s wild nature that touches me, but I really enjoyed being amongst all the historical buildings of the Old Town, where there is no sign of busness hustle and bustle either. Straight away I have a feeling that the Feng Shui of this city is good because it has a distinct and open heart in the huge main square. I’ve found it to be friendly, interesting and inexpensive. It’s also a deeply religious place, with packed churches and synagogues, and pictures of Pope John Paul 2nd everywhere since this was his birthplace. I liked the one of him wearing full American Indian costume coming out of a tipi, on a visit to North America!

Visiting the Jewish district of Kazimierz, I kept remembering scenes from the films ‘The Pianist’, ‘Schindlers List’ and “Life is Beautiful’. Aushwitz is close by, but I don’t feel drawn to visit and feel those vibes. Instead I head to the enormous Wawel castle. Legend has it that 7 sacred Hindu power stones from India were buried around the world, and one of those is buried under Wawel hill. The earth energies are so strong that people come from far away just to experience it. Just as they have done at other places of powerful earth energy, a cathedral has been built on top. Nevertheless there is one corner of the cathedral where all the earth energy people sit or stand. The closest you can get to the power spot at the moment, is against the wall of the luggage room. I sat and meditated here for about half an hour. I think it’s a great shame that the church don’t acknowledge the earth energies and have a meditation garden. 

If anyone wishes to study Feng Shui with an outstanding classical teacher, then I recommend coming to Poland and studying with Howard Choy. Kris & Lydia who organise the courses are perfect hosts and can help you organise every aspect of your trip. For more information on their timetable contact biuro [at] fengshui [dot] biz [dot] pl (biuro [at] fengshui [dot] biz [dot] pl)