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Feng Shui Consultant for Bath & Bristol

This month, my partner Brian and I have been working hard on the outside of our boat. First we used an angle-grinder to take off the old layers of paint, then we coated it in rust treatment, and  painted it in red oxide paint – 2 coats. It's 63 foot long, so that's quite a lot of elbow grease! We had a snag with our batteries and the weather, so still have half a side on one side of the boat to go until its finished. Actually I found it quite theraputic doing some manual work for a change, and particularly satisfying to see the improvement of our lovely boat.

With this work done we set off from near Hungerford, past Bedwyn and Devizes and down the famous Caen flight of 17 locks. We beat the lock-keepers record by 30 minutes, and he mentioned something about women drivers, so I'll take that as a compliment!

So now we are much closer to Bath and Bristol. As a treat, Brian and I visited the Thermae hot baths in Bath, with an open air pool fed from the hot springs, and scented steam rooms – really lovely. 

This month I have had Feng Shui & Space Clearing consultations in Pontypridd, Bristol and Birmingham.