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Notes from a Feng Shui Society meeting


How to succeed in a recession – attitude – the only failure in life is not participating.

Being above or below the line – Victor is ownership, accountable, responsible

Victim – blame, excuses, denial.

What you think about comes about. Book: ‘Who moused my cheese’


Goals for the Feng Shui Society:


greater demand for Feng Shui

unique sales feature

create clear message to move the Feng Shui Society forwards

develop a modern language for Feng Shui

identify and increase our market


Keys to a winning team in the Feng Shui Society (T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More)


strong leadership

common goal

rules of the game – values, culture

action plan

support risk-taking

100% involvement/inclusion


Strong leadership in Feng Shui Society

Lead by example, support and trust of team, understanding challenges, conflict resolution skills, courage, integrity, clarity, commitment, reliability, humility, honesty, flexibility, compassion, empathy, ability to listen and delegate, balanced ego, communication skills, inspiring vision, strong personal purpose.


Common goal in Feng Shui Society

Cohesive, unifies community of different schools of thought and eccentric personalities. Recognisable – what we stand for, whether endorsed or criticised. Achieve more collectively. Focuses the energy of the group, so more likely to happen. The process of finding goals makes us more focused. Personal growth through the challenge of working together. Consistency. Balance in values. Promoting standards or practitioners?


Rules of the game.

What makes us special? What matters to us? What are our values?

Results: to make a difference. Caring, reliable, integrity, professionalism, honesty, commitment, excellence, success, balance, fun, consistency, systems, gratitude and trust. Leaving people happier and more aware of their environment than before – education. Empowering clients to DIY Feng Shui. Responsibility and outcome. Power of positive intension. Not having all the answers! Refer clients to others who can better fulfill their needs – trust in abundance. Engage the client in finding the answers. Keep it simple. Do it with love – the power of love. Reputation. Passion for what we do.


Feng Shui Action Plan

Expressive and punchy mission statement.

Good media relationship (commit to writing Feng Shui articles, papers, websites and magazines)

Need a vision/common goal/purpose and the confidence to deliver.

Commit to regular Feng Shui meetings

Circulation of abundance – % of profit to a good cause

Clear as to whether we are promoting Feng Shui standards or Feng Shui consultants or both.

Articles and case studies proving Feng Shui works – perceived value

Peer group review credibility and working collectively.

Training and support – mentor scheme

Talks of Feng Shui around the country for free – Feng Shui roadshow.

Use the Feng Shui society forum

More green issues eg what to do with rubbish bins in front gardens

Need a home for events – Feng Shui office

Need money – fund-raising

Marketing strategy and communication (how to come across as a solution-provider – ‘educating people to buy professionally’, rather than pushy, over-promising sales person


Support risk-taking

Supporting those who take the risks, collective neck – don’t argue in public, no disloyalty. Listen, trust, loyalty and support majority. Professional code of conduct.


Purpose of the Feng Shui Society in the UK


Professional, reliable, cohesive representation of Feng Shui to the public, defining standards and learning.

Education and Promotion of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Consultants – training, support, community, promotion.

Problems – fragmentation and diversity. Different schools of thought

Promotion of the value, benefits and validity of Feng Shui to the public and architects, town planners, builders and governments.

Started as an interest study group and became a professional body (integrity, framework, self-regulatory body).

Raise profile of Feng Shui (ridiculed and de-moralised in the past in this country)

We need to learn more – continued development. Self employed. Credence and leverage. Bonafide feng shui consultants


Exploring our unique selling point


The Feng Shui Society is the only professional self-regulatory Feng Shui body leading to accreditation in the UK (some say the world)


Number 1 competitor: APATHY!

How to beat it? TAKE ACTION!


Creating a clear message to move forwards


Love of what we deliver to clients

Big companies – Feng Shui maximising potential for health, wealth and happiness in their business.

Feng Shui is a tool – love your home and it will nurture you. Winston Churchill said “ We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us”. People do it unconsciously, Feng Shui does it consciously. Part of life – we live in an environment. Influence it yourself, more conscious and enlightened. The Secret, Harry Potter – people love magic. Recession, reassurance, self-sufficient, back to basics. Transforming the energy in your environment to improve your world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


Dissatisfaction (pain) + Vision (help) + first step – resistance.

Formula for change

Build rapport through trust

Using your environment as a tool for change


Identifying and increasing our market for Feng Shui

Who is the ideal Feng Shui client? Most important: someone who wants change and will implement Feng Shui recommendations. Ideally, enthusiastic, good networker so will recommend you to friends and colleagues, moves house frequently, owns several properties and a business, has the time and money to spend on Feng Shui and celebrity status.

‘Ching’ – affection. People buy with their hearts not logic.


Feng Shui Consultant Referral policy

Give them leaflets to pass on.

Circulatory letter

Special offers

Newsletters, diary every 3 months (stay in touch)


5 things the Feng Shui Society should do




web visibility (web visibility? facebook?)

regular meetings (Feng Shui friends or just students?)


Feng Shui Society Strategies

website, newsletter, networking, referrals, testimonials, seminars, blog, white papers, media, links, case studies, wealthy famous patron with profile – Prince Charles? More events and seminars.