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Feng Shui Consultant and a crop circle

So far this month I have completed a Feng Shui Consultation for a home in Shepherd's Bush, London; a Space Clearing for a home in Wiltshire, and am now working on the development of three flats in Swindon. Like my bees, I like to keep busy! 

Luckily my houseboat is close to Avebury stone circle, so whever I feel like meditating on a case, or an important question for myself or a friend, I can go and sit by one of the stones and drum myself on a shamanic journey to receive information from Spirit. On this occaision I heard the sound of a camera clicking, and realised my photograph was being taken. The photographer was decent enough to come up to me in the car park and reveal his identity. We got chatting and he told me about a new crop circle just outside Avebury. It was a rare sunny evening, so I climbed the hill that overlooks Silbury hill and sure enough there was the crop circle, which has been called 'The Flower of Life', due to its design. I was alone and stood in the centre, with my eyes closed and the sun shining on my face, a light breeze blowing, in one of those moments of exquisite simple happiness… I felt that this crop circle was certainly made by humans, but still it was worth visiting for the geometry, the adventure finding it, the  peace I discovered there, and the interesting people I met along the way.

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