Feng Shui for Business Testimonials

Client Testimonials

‘Sue came to see us as a surprise gift from a friend.  Although a Feng Shui consultation was not our choice, we couldn’t have asked for a better person to visit us than Sue.  She listened to us, respected our wishes, was really kind and friendly and shared our sense of humour!  If you are a believer of Feng Shui or are not sure but would like to try it, then I’d definitely recommend Sue as Complementary Health Clinic director & owner, Hampshire.’


Director, Hand made Luxury Candles & Lamps, Exeter

‘Sue was professional in every respect, thorough, detailed and questioning. After the changes suggested in the Feng Shui report, which was well presented and detailed, the atmosphere felt better and I felt more productive overall, and the consultation was very useful as it highlighted many potential areas of improvement to help generate more custom. I still look back over the report occasionally to check that we are still working in the right direction. Sue is the perfect person for your Feng Shui consultation.’


Director, Complementary Health Clinic, Hampshire

‘Sue’s Feng Shui consultation was inspiring and refreshing. She gave us practical recommendations which we have carried out. It has given our office a new lease of life.’

Ian Bowland,

Director, Web Visibility Solutions, Nottingham

‘Fantastic! As a business woman I was pretty skeptical about its positive impact on the working environment. However, after one consultation with Sue, the office feels stress free, more inviting and my headaches have disappeared! I even had a go at dowsing in my suit – great experience, I would highly recommended it!’

Sharon Lee,

Digital marketing, Cyonix, Nottingham

‘As our first experience with a Feng Shui consultant, we were pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and dedication that Sue demonstrated at our consultation. The Feng Shui report itself was informative and thorough with attention to detail. The recommendations that we have carried out have had a resounding positive effect on our lives, with immense improvements in all areas. Following the consultation, the positive energy flows gave me more confidence, and our consultancy company is thriving and successful. (We also carried out the Space Clearing).’

Bernie & Heidi Le Bon

Directors, JBE Consultancy, Business & Management Consultants, Northampton

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