After the winter Solstice celebrations with friends and an early Christmas gathering with family, it’s now good to have some quiet time at the end of the year to rest, reflect with gratitude for all the 'gifts' of 2014, and recharge ready for the new year.

November and December have been busy months: 

A Feng Shui consultation in Wokingham, Berkshire included advice for changes to the front garden, furniture placement and colour schemes, in order to bring out the best potential of the building to support health, vitality, success and relaxation. This lead to a follow up Space Clearing ceremony, clearing away any stress and trauma from the past and filling the house with fresh vibrant energy. An earth healing was required for the release and transformation of ancient stories held in the land.

A Feng Shui consultation in Pontypridd in Wales focused on home alterations and building an extension. We looked at ways to change the layout of the front garden as well as the interior design to create harmony with the five elements and a balance of stillness and flow through the home. Many modern houses have open plan living rooms and dining areas that you walk through to reach the kitchen and garden, and this can result in too much qi flow, where the lounge feels more like a passageway. We redesigned the layout to make it more cosy and relaxing, making the most of the spectacular views of the surrounding hills.

I assessed a house in Glastonbury as to how suitable it would be for a client to buy it. I looked at the house using the classical Feng Shui methods of Form, Flying Stars and Bazhai, giving my client a list of pro's and con's so that they could make a more informed choice. It was not a clear cut straight 'yes' kind of house, but in a very special location woth some unique charm, so with some Feng Shui tweeks it could work out well.

A Feng Shui client has bought a large property in the countryside near Reading. He is planning major alterations, including moving the location of the drive, building a new master bedroom, changes to the internal layout and use of rooms, and redesigning the garden; and I was happy to bring some Feng Shui sense and clarity to the proceedings. I carried out an earth healing and we will have a Space Clearing/home blessing ceremony at the end of the alterations in 2015.

I was invited to Space Clear a narrowboat on the Kennet and Avon canal in Wiltshire. This was focusing on clearing away the energy of a past relationship, so that the person can live more fully in the present and invite a new relationship into their life. I know from experience that boats can be a romantic dwelling place, peaceful and close to nature, but they are a small space to share with a partner and can intensify any issues that surface. I believe its beneficial to Space Clear house boats and other small homes at regular intervals.

My final Feng Shui assignment for the year was a family home in Oxford focusing on health. They had noticed that their health and quality of sleep had deteriorated since moving there. Using Form, Flying Stars and Bazhai methods of Feng Shui, I tailored the consultation to bring out the best support for this family’s health in this house. I also carried out an earth healing and Space Clearing/home blessing ceremony just before Christmas. I included both Chöd and Lud-dzong Tibetan healing rituals, which I have found to be very effective, as well as holding the ceremony in a way that felt appropriate and comfortable for my client who has a Catholic background. I look forward to hearing some feedback on how things may have improved…

The benefits of Space Clearing can be far-reaching and unexpected, here is my latest testimonial:

‘Having Sue working in our home was a joy. She is easy to be with and her enthusiasm for her work is infectious. We have lived in our home for ten years and I noticed health issues started to affected me almost from the outset. All of a sudden I developed a frozen shoulder and from then on I have been plagued with health issues, and my husband has too. The list is long! 

On separate occasions we visited a kinesiologist who mentioned there were environmental issues with our home. That's when we called in Sue, and she carried out her extensive earth healing, curse-removing and Space Clearing work. Well, we both sensed the energy shift within our home immediately and all I can say is that I am feeling much better from day one. Some of the most unpleasant physical symptoms have completely disappeared. I can't describe how much better I feel, it had been like a ball and chain round my neck every day. Although we have to sleep in a different bedroom now it's a small price to pay for a good night's sleep. Thanks to Sue we are enjoying life again’. Rebecca, Retired business woman, Devon.

My healing work often takes the form of a classical shamanic healing: Extraction of energy that has become stuck in the energy field (such as traumas and emotions like fear, stress, grief, betrayal, shame, failure, hatred & resentment); Soul Retrieval: bringing back the parts of someone’s essence that were lost during a time of trauma; and Power Animal retrieval: restoring an animal spirit guide who has an affinity with the client and can help the soul part to stay with them, e.g. by helping them to have strong boundaries, feel more courage, be more playful, create space for more peace in their life or greater freedom. I support the shamanic healing with energy healing techniques which help the body to heal itself – auric surgery, sound healing, cleaning relationship cords and intention alignment. Sometimes I also use colour light treatments or Tibetan healing rituals. I have facilitated and witnessed many beautiful healing transformations with these techniques; here is a testimonial from November: 

‘I received two sessions of healing from Sue over the course of two consecutive days. Initially to help deal with childhood trauma and then Sue worked to return aspects of myself that had run to the hills during those incidents (soul retrieval). I honestly instantly, felt a stillness, deep joy and peace that had been missing for the past 37 years, as if I have been searching for something, unable to keep still. I now understand why. Since the healings, I feel, see and think differently, in a nutshell, it is a huge relief and my life is taking a quantum leap because of it.’  Zoe, Artist/Designer from Berkshire.

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I am excited to have found my new home in Seamills, Bristol, and to be sharing this space with a dear friend and kindred spirit, Emma Haigh. I look forward to all the creativity, spiritual awakening, healing transformation, rest, relaxation, beauty and fun that will be held there…

In 2015 I am offering healing sessions at 'Breathe' healing centre, St Nicolas market, in the centre of Bristol. I shall shortly be announcing dates for my new shamanic workshops and retreats…

With all good wishes for an abundant, healthy, fulfilling and loving 2015 for all.