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As a feng Shui Consultant living part of my life in a flat in Exmouth and part on my narrowboat on the canal in the Bristol and Bath area, I am often contemplating the Feng Shui of living on a boat.

Since I do not have a permanent mooring at present, I move my boat every couple of weeks, so the compass direction that it faces is always changing. So it is not possible to apply some Feng Shui techniques that are based on analysing the fixed environment of a living space with a compass.

Since the boat is sitting on water, it is harmonious to have a predominance of Wood, Water and Metal energy for exterior colours since they are adjacent to each other in the 5 element cycle: Metal (white, grey or metallic colours) nourishes Water (blue and black) which nourishes Wood (green or natural wood). Inside the boat, I felt it important to keep the space as light, clear and clutter-free as possible, and to bring curved edges to the wooden units and bulk heads (room dividers). Therefore no traditional 'boaty trinkets' or 'Rosie & Jim' ornaments in my boat! A strict 'shoes & boots off at the door' policy keeps the boat clean and also free from the pollutants and negative energy that people would otherwise 'walk in'. Living so close to nature, and with the British weather, I feel it is vital that the boat feels warm and cosy inside with a wood-burning stove, soft fabrics, rugs and warm colours – a predominance of Wood, Fire, and Earth energy. Since the boat is only 6 foot wide, this is a very confined space compared to most houses, so I want to find pictures from nature that have long views into the distance which will give a feeling of space (the subconscious mind reads everything it sees as 'real' so actually believes that there is a great view there). Whilst the floor, ceiling and lower wall panels are made of Oak, I want to have the top panels of the walls painted in very light, warm colours. I believe this provides a contrast to the wood, lightens up the space, and also allows for each section of the boat to be defined with a different colour – kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Another factor of living on a boat is energy-efficiency, and I hope to be able to rely on solar power as much as possible.