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Ideally, for good Feng Shui, a bed should be positioned away from geopathic stress, away from high EMFs (electro-magnetic fields), and in the part of the room where the energy is quiet and not in the path of qi flow between doors and windows. It should preferably be in a favorable Bazhai direction or location for us too. However it is not only the positioniong of the bed that is important in Feng Shui, but of course, the atmosphere and sensory experience in this our most intimate and private space. As the nights grow colder I start to want to feather my nest, and instead of fresh cotton summer bedding, I want bed covers that are soft, sensual and furry to touch, warm lighting, spicey incense and hot drinks. After all, we spend approxinmately one third of our lives in bed, so it is a very important consideration for the Feng Shui of our homes.

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