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Here are some thought-provoking Feng Shui quotes that I received recently from a client in Totnes, Devon.

"The point is not to make a self-conscious statement about yourself, but to make your world available to others. When that begins to happen, then it is possible that something else will come along as well. That is, when you express gentleness and precision in your environment, then real brilliance and power candescend onto that situation. If you try to manufacture that presence out of your own ego, it will never happen. You cannot own the power and magic of this world. It is always available, but it does not belong to anyone."

"You may live in a dirt hut with no floor and only one window, but if you regard that space as sacred, if you care for it with your heart and mind, then it will be a palace."

Chogyam Trungpa Shambala:The Sacred Way of the Warrior