This is an opportunity to create a special welcome party for a new baby, rather like a non-religious Christening. Gather close friends and family, and I can hold a simple naming ceremony, using prayers, ritual and the elements, to celebrate and bless your baby.

Client Testimonials

‘Sue is a lucky find for anyone that comes across her. I have been the lucky one to have had the experience of Sue’s heart-centered approach to both Space Clearing and a Naming Ceremony. On both occasions, Sue’s sensitive and caring approach made the experience extra special and her nurturing and healing gifts shone through truly magical experiences.’

Claire Snook,

Homeopath, Wiltshire

Healing with cacao, laughter, sound and movement. Empowerment with animal spirit guides, shamanic journeying & trance dance

Spiritual, non-religious ceremonies for baby-naming, marriage and funerals

Travel with me on adventures with conservation, ancient wisdom and transformation…

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