I have had some interesting and exciting recent breakthroughs with healing clients, from the ordinary to the extraordinary…

1. Sports injury

What began as a healing for a sports injury, turned into a power animal retrieval, restoring my clients sense of male virility, sexuality and attractiveness.

2. Back ache

A client's back ache was actually affected by traumatic past life experiences. I cleared this energy from them, and the negative beliefs that this had perpetuated, and then the angels came to inspire them in their creative projects.

3. Apathy

I carried out a soul retrieval for someone who was experiencing apathy, and it turned out they had been unwell as a child, and the soul part restored their trust in life and sense of wonder.

4. Continually craving love

I did some healing on their base chakra and a brought a power animal retrieval that restored a sense of love within their heart.

5. Curse Unravelling for a degenerative illness

I worked for a client who believed that they may have been cursed due to their illness. I found a curse that had been set up in a past life, which connected with the symptoms of this illness, and with the help of my spirit guides, unravelled the curse to its origin. Thus setting my client free from the spell. 

6. De-possession (Spirit Release)

I guided a possessing extra terrestial spirit home that had become attached to someones energy field

7. De-possession & Curse unravelling

I unravelled a curse and released a possessing spirit that had been with someone for several life-times, and was blocking their success and sabotaging their relationships and healing work, thus freeing them to live their true potential.

8. Sexual Abuse

I carried out a Soul Retrieval to bring back the part of the person's essence that had left at the time of the abuse, thus empowering them with a sense of innocence and trust.

9. Removing energy blocks

I helped someone to unblock the flow of energy between their solar plexus and heart, thus enabling them to manifest their desires and experience more bliss!

10. Dying and Bereavement process

I have given reiki sessions to patients and their carers at the Hospice in Exeter, helping people to feel a sense of peace, relaxation and comfort.

Professional Feng Shui & Space Clearing consultant & holistic therapist Sue Holmes.