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As a Feng Shui Consultant based in the UK, it is always fascinating to travel abroad and experience the homes in other cultures. On a recent trip to the Italian Alps, the shape of the mountains, granite rocks, valley rivers and houses with wooden balconies reminded me of the Himalayas that I visited back-packing in the 90's.

The Italian houses had a living room/kitchen that was the heart of the home, where some of the farming activities took place, such as cheese-making, a stove or fireplace for when its cold and the snow is deep, and a large table and chairs to gather around with friends and family. The windows tended to be small due to draughts and snow, with an outdoor living area and/or balcony for the summer months. These looked so beautiful, often made from timber and covered in bright geraniums. The roofs were made from stone, and one house even had a wooden gutter, which I have never seen before. At the house on the highest grazing pasture, there was a herd of cattle with cow-bells and the noise was incredible. There was a simple shrine on top of one mountain, where our hosts are planning to have a wedding ceremony…magical! The views of the mountains were breath-taking – it was interesting that some of our hosts said that they appreciated their home more having heard us saying how beautiful it is, since they were taking that for granted and noticing the inconvenience of the mountain roads etc. Moral of the story: not to get so caught up in everyday practical life that we forget to notice the beauty around us!

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