Here's a testimonial from a recent entity release healing. We discovered that my client had two 'suffering beings' with him. One had attached to him during a period of illness, and another at a party. I began the session with the Chod ritual, and then undertook a gentle and effective 'compassionate de-possession' method which assisted the suffering beings and my client to become free of each other. The spirits were safely guided 'home' to the light.

“Sue helped me to understand what was affecting me and supported the process of removing the entity that had attatched itself to me in a well held professional way. The process was challenging but I felt safe and in capable hands. I feel so much better now that I am free from interference from the entities that had attatched themselves to me. 

I would not have believed it was real if I had not had the experience first hand.

Thank you so much for gathering the skills to deal with these unseen parasites. I feel like a new man”

Sunbird, Events Organiser, Warminster, Wiltshire