I wrote an article in the March 2008 edition of 'Dowsing Today' – The Journal of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD), entitled 'The Buzzz-word…Could you be a bee-keeper?'. In the article I discussed the issues raised in the A4 colour printable pdf which I compiled, entitled 'How to help the Honeybee' (found at www.firehorsefengshui.co.uk/HelpHoneyBees.pdf).

The article included comments from Dave Sanguine, former chair of the Earth Energies Group within the BSD, and avid bee-keeper who describes his experiences of dowsing for the right conditions for his hives, and observing Honeybees behaviour around earth energies. 

Simon Buxton, author of 'The Shamanic Way of the bee' added his answers to my questions about the Honeybee from a shamanic perspective.

I am pleased at hear that the Canadian Society of Questers wishes to include this article in the next edition of their magazine 'The Quester'.