Following my recent appearance in the ‘Daily Mail’ – with a success story of Space Clearing a property that had been for sale for over a year with hardly any viewings and after I Space Cleared it, it sold the very next day for the asking price – I was contacted by ‘Spirit & Destiny’ magazine. One of their editor’s, Kate Delamere, was experiencing problems and set backs with selling her house, so she invited me to take part in their ‘tried and tested’ feature, by Space Clearing her home in London.

We quickly bonded and shared openly with each other – this often happens when I carry out Space Clearings, since we spend a whole day together and it can be quite an intimate process. I Space Cleared her home, with the intention of clearing away the negative historical energetic imprints (for example stress, arguments, shocks, sadness, sickness, addictions etc), releasing Kate’s attachment to the place and calling in the perfect new home for her, and the perfect new occupants for this house. The photographer, Louise Haywood Schiefer, managed to get pictures of each stage of the ceremony.

I was really pleased to hear that one week later Kate’s house had sold for the asking price, and then the following week, she managed to purchase her dream new home, in exactly the location she desired, close to her daughter’s school.

I didn’t get a chance to edit the article and it is rather ‘sexed up’, with several misquotes…but it was meant to be Kate’s impressions rather than my account, and all in all it was a great day, a great result – see the ‘Success Story’ in the May edition of ‘Spirit & Destiny’.

Kate also write me a lovely testimonial:

‘After struggling to move house and losing a buyer, I turned to shaman Sue Holmes to space clear my house to revitalise its energy and attract a new buyer. Within a week I had a buyer who matched my asking price and a week later I’d had my offer accepted on the perfect new home in the perfect location. I don’t doubt Sue’s shamanic magic attracted the right buyers and new home to my door. I’d highly recommend this magic lady to anyone in need of a spiritual spring clean.’  – Kate Delamere, Commissioning Editor, ‘Spirit and Destiny’ magazine, London –