I have had a soul retrieval where a part of my teenage soul – had taken refuge with a pack of wolves. Wolf came to me bringing me courage as I healed the wounds of sexual abuse. In a root regression session I found myself in a past life experience as a wolf. wolf spirit came to me a few years ago, staring deeply into my eyes and calling me to teach and share my truth, to be a leader in my community. Wolf comes to me when I drum and leads me to my wilder nature.
When I journeyed to ask spirit for the logo for my school: ‘The Modern Shaman Academy’, wolf appeared wearing it as a pendant. I love you Wolfie!
I am so utterly grateful to my spirit guides and love to support others in developing a relationship with theirs in my 2 professional accredited training courses:
1. Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healer
2. Shamanic Space Clearing & Geomancy
Contact me for more details if you are interested in training in these skills, available in person and online training about to be launched very soon!
Artwork: ‘Running the Distance’ – by Dimitra Milan