I am delighted to be offering Colour Light therapy sessions. Colour Light therapy is a simple and profound form of healing that works similar to acupuncture, but applies Colour Light with a pen torch to points on the body.

Having received three series of Colour Light sessions myself, I have experienced the release of supressed emotions and trauma held in the body, and the personal transformation that this allows. It is truly amazing and works on a variety of issues, whether physical or emotional, often going to the very roots which may be found in childhood or in a past life.

I offer one off or regular Colour Light sessions e.g. for pain relief, stress, hormonal balance, detoxing. And then there are treatments that require a series of sessions:

  • pre-natal (healing the time in the womb and your birth)
  • male/female balance (releasing any negative imprints from parents)
  • function circles (releasing suppressed energy held in the organs)

Please visit my Colour Light Therapy page for more information