I am excited to now be offering Holographic Healing as one of the series of Colour Light therapy sessions available. This treatment is excellent for anyone with Cancer or another degenerative illness, since it is an opportunity to enter the Holographic dimension, and resolve our deep inner conflicts, and choose a new life script. This is also, therefore, an amazing healing series for anyone seeking personal transformation and spiritual growth, since it is like being reincarnated in the same lifetime.

One of my teachers changed a life-long pattern of severe full-body excema and hypoglaecemia due to Holographic healing, since during the session she had a realisation that she needed to omit sugar from her diet. She did this and her body – and life were dramatically transfomed.

There are seven sessions in this series, and the points are all positioned on the head. After applying the colour light, we then spend about 1 hour going on a 'trance journey', where you are encouraged to go into deep relaxation, whilst we explore what needs healing at each of the 7 learning centres in the body (these are found in the 7 layers of the aura, above the solar plexus area). Usually there are several smaller branches coming from a core inner conflict. Old behaviour patterns around this inner conflict can be released and a new positive life script put into place. For each client this will be a unique and individual journey.

If someone does have a serious illness, then I recommend that you buy a colour light set, and I teach someone who lives with you how to do the colour light treatment. Ideally you should receive the colour light treatment three times a day, and see me once a week to work with whatever is coming up for you. With practice, the colour light session would only take about 20 minutes.

If you have a life-threatening disease then I believe it is also crucial that you have an exceptionally healthy diet and live in a non-toxic environment. I would recommend having a Healthy Home consultation to check the electromagnetic and microwave levels in your home, and to heal any harmful earth energy (Geopathic Stress).