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Dancing with the Dragon:

A weekend of Chinese Metaphysics with Howard Choy and Richard Ashworth.
Venue: Birkbeck College, Central London
Dates: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November
10am until 5pm

Learn about the most ancient secrets of Chinese Culture:
Qi gong: an introduction to mastery of the energy within our bodies
Taoist Divination: reading the meaning of symbols
The Book of Changes: a dip into the wisdom of the oldest book in existence.
 Ba Zi (or Four Pillars) and Zu Wei Astrology
This weekend we will be exploring aspects of the Chinese Five Arts:  sometimes called the “Mysterious Culture of China.” These traditions are thousands of years old but remain mostly unfamiliar to Europeans. In 2010 Howard and Richard plan to offer in-depth weekends covering each of the topics covered here.
Who should attend:
Feng shui and acupuncture professionals who wish to gain a more rounded view of where their disciplines come from.
Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine curious to learn about the other mysterious arts.
Western Feng shui enthusiasts who are interested in connecting with the authentic roots of feng shui.
Therapists interested in the Chinese therapeutic model.
Designers who may suspect that what has been represented to them as feng shui is not the whole story.
About the Five Arts:
You will know of feng shui and possibly qigong but not perhaps ba zi (from which the year animals are derived) or zu wei astrology or the shan art of design and deployment of talismans to change fortunes. You may know the Book of Changes or Yi Jing but probably don’t know its sheer problem-solving power or that it is as central to Chinese thinking as Shakespeare and the Bible combined are to Western thought. Over this weekend, Howard Choy a native Chinese who is a master both of feng shui and qigong and a qualified architect and Richard Ashworth, the English feng shui man, will reveal secrets of Chinese metaphysics which have never been taught in their authentic form in the UK.
Price:     2-Day, non-residential weekend. £200
To register, contact:
Sheila Ashworth on +44 1428 658900
0r email fengshui [at] wingsgency [dot] co [dot] uk