During this weekend workshop, as well as learning how to channel this simple yet powerful healing technique – with angels, ascended masters and galactic healers – we celebrated two ‘Earth birthdays’ with home made raw organic birthday cakes 🙂

Participants had the opportunity to practice healing using a treatment couch, a healing mat on the floor with cushions, and with someone seated on a chair. Since you receive healing whilst you are channelling it, everyone left feeling much more peaceful than when they arrived. For some it was their first healing technique, so they are now empowered with a healing tool in their hands, to support themselves, their loved ones and clients.

Since the course is certified, and you can join the BSCM (British school of complimentary medicine), that will enable you to get insurance and hire venues to practice as a professional healer.

We enjoyed the quirky character and beautiful garden setting of our venue the ‘Shamanic Healing Temple’ near Leominster. Thank you Fabien, Kristian, George, Simon, Sam, Val and Talia for a lovely weekend – of love, light, healing tears and laughter – and best wishes with your new healing practice: Angelic Reiki.