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Angelic Reiki Pewsey, Wilshire

I am looking forward to teaching Angelic Reiki in Pewsey this weekend. My personal experiences with giving angelic reiki sessions lately have been just magical. It is so exciting, and such a blessing to feel the presence of an angel or ascended master merging with my energy to perform the healing. The more I drop my ego and get out of the way, the stronger the spirit can come through. The healing takes place whether you can feel the angels or not, its just a matter of trust, which isn't hard because the healing feels so good; but it is a wonderful confirmation when you actually feel or see the angels. For me it has taken lots of practise to reach this point. I often hear the name, see or feel the energy of an ascended master during a treatment, and later discover that my client has a special relationship with this energy which I had not previously known about.

I am also teaching Angelic Reiki in Glastonbury and Oxford this year, do get in touch if you are interested in learning this beautiful healing technique.