Date: To be scheduled in the future. If you are interested, then contact Deb and let her know (contact details below).

Venue: This on-site training will take place in a mystical location near London, close to the famous Rollright stone circle.  With a labyrinth, energy leys, a sacred spring and a stone circle on the site, our retreat location beautifully reflects the essence of Feng Shui and Interior Alignment

Teacher: Deb Swingholm (Master Educator of Interior Alignment)

Course Content: Expand skills in placing the Bagua, balancing the 5 elements, Synchro-Alignment & use Western Astrology to gain a better understanding of the home & client.

Also, specifically to this course, Past Life Regression & Soul Journey work to empower & inspire your work:

  • Activate talents and qualities that you possessed in other lives and integrate in your current work and daily life
  • Clear blockages from past lives that are affecting you today
  • Deepen your connection to your Spirit Guides and receive their wisdom and guidance
  • Open within yourself a new level of intuitive ability

I invite you to join Deb for a divine and magical experience!


email: deb [at] floweringmoon [dot] com

(This course is only available to Interior Alignment Practitioners)