My space clearing ceremony and healthy home consultation including dowsing for and harmonising geopathic stress, and assessing EMF levels, was featured on More 4 T.V, on ‘Kirsty & Phil’s Property Guide’ (March 11th 2008).
Thanks to the British Society of Dowsers (BSD), I was given this opportunity to perform an actual space clearing that took place in a small modern home in Yorkshire, with a TV camera crew. John Moss from the BSD drove up there with me, and organised the event. He also dowsed the land and found exactly the same results as me: the same number and locations of earth energy lines that needed healing. This was my first experience of working with a camera crew, and I was relieved to find that they were non-intrusive, friendly and respectful of the process.
The young couple gave great feedback. Just one month after the Space Clearing Ceremony, Katie appeared on the ‘Location, location, location’ show, and reported better sleep & health, a happier puppy and even becoming pregnant.