The Home Healer

The Home Healer focuses on transforming your home and quality of life, using feng shui and space clearing. Whether you want to make a new home your own, enhance your quality of life or sell a property, my feng shui and space clearing consultations will support you in manifesting this.

I have provided Feng Shui and Space Clearing consultations to clients across the UK and beyond since 2005.

Feng shui and space clearing can assist you to move through the following situations – from: poverty to abundance, struggle to success, isolation to connection, family strife to harmony, feeling blocked to opening up to creativity, feeling stuck to moving forwards in life.

I also work with geomancy and land healing – tuning into the spirit and history of the place, healing any geopathic stress, and ensuring that the energy of the land beneath and surrounding your home is harmonious.

Creating a harmonious home that best supports your health, wealth, love, happiness and aspirations.

Cleaning your home of the energetic imprints of the past and previous occupiers, and tuning it to loving frequencies infused with your intentions – giving you a fresh new start, or helping to sell a property.

Tracking, healing and releasing any trauma held in the land, restoring harmony and appeasing the nature spirits

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