This page is opening up for some creations from the fire horse cauldron…my first novel and CD!

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I also recommend Tachyon health products – see the link below.

My 1st album: Heaven on Earth

I am excited to be recording my songs in December 2019 – my vocals and songs, together with Eddie Chilvers and Ruth Blake. There will be a joint launch party with Tristan Starlings new album in Bristol in the new year. Not long to wait now, ‘Hummingbird’ fans!

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My Debut Novel

I am really excited to be writing my first novel, at long last, and am blogging about the process.

I have the full title, but it’s secret for now! All the wisdom I have gathered as an ‘honorary grandmother’ has been distilling and brewing for 52 years, and is now being poured into this book. I can’t wait to share it, and feel it will be the foundation for the next chapter of my work.

Stay in touch to be notified of its launch.

Tachyon Health Products

I recommend Tachyon products, especially the Tachyon cocoon, which is an amazing way to relax and recharge, particularly recommended for those with busy lifestyles eg new parents. Tachyon have a vast collection of products and uses. Follow this link to the Tachyon website, and please quote me as your source! Tachyon shop

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