Professional Harmony Business Upgrade

Activate your highest wealth & success potential

Through this potent transformation for your business, we can space clear your office for a new beginning, filled with clarity and blessings; cleanse, renew & empower your energy with a deep healing session; and align your business environment with feng shui to support your greatest potential for wellbeing, harmonious relationships, business growth, prosperity and success. 

This business upgrade package is right for you if: 

  • You are ready to rise to the next level of leadership and success
  • You are unsure about how best to arrange your office
  • You feel the energy of the past is weighing you down
  • You don’t feel at your creative best – stressed, drained, unproductive, distracted or struggling with unhealthy habits or addictions
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with day to day tasks, struggling to see the bigger picture and navigate through the current changes
  • There’s friction or absenteeism with your staff or profits are dwindling 
  • Something that you can’t quite put your finger on ‘doesn’t feel right’
  • You are feeling concerned, confused, stuck, ‘held back’ or even at a crisis point?
  • You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be confidently on track and excited about your future

So, you’re in the right place!  

You’re ready to tap into the combined power of feng shui, space clearing, oracular guidance and shamanic energy healing to clear the energy of the past, harmonise your environment, receive insights and guidance and give yourself and your business a reboot – a powerful upgrade – and see your company rise to its full potential. 

Whether you’re a big corporation, a high-flying entrepreneur or small business owner, this process can support you to get your business ‘firing on all cylinders’ and soaring to success. 

Imagine your business:

  • Thriving, having cleared the energy of previous occupants so that you are no longer influenced by their energetic imprints such as stress, financial struggles or unhealthy relationships etc. 
  • Free from any lingering trauma that may have been held in the land or building from years before, affecting your well-being or performance.
  • Riding the wave of new creative life force that you have welcomed into your space to embrace profound clarity, positivity, opportunity and synchronicity.
  • Has a work space that looks attractive and feels amazing, giving you a beautiful working environment as well as an advantage in the marketplace.
  • With the wealth and success potential of the building unlocked and fully generated by feng shui enhancements, attracting fresh opportunities and wealth to your door.
  • Supporting harmonious staff relationships and bringing out the best potential of each staff member in terms of their performance, loyalty and job satisfaction.
  • In harmonious relationship with its premises, the environment, your staff and clients, and therefore optimising its potential on all levels.

We will create an amazing bespoke business transformation package that can combine a feng shui consultation, space clearing ceremony, land healing, an oracle card reading and a deep personal shamanic energy healing session – for optimum potential transformation. We can also omit any of these modalities if they are surplus to your requirements.

This service may be carried out in person, over Zoom or remotely, to suit your lifestyle and preference.

To discuss your current situation, where you would like your business to be and how you might bridge that gap, book a 30 minute free Clarity Call. If you are interested, I can also give you full details of the Professional Harmony Business Upgrade Package, and we can see if we are a good fit to work together.

Client Testimonials

‘When I booked Sue, I trusted her completely but I wasn’t really sure about the process and what to expect. Here’s what I’ll say: OMG. What a shift. I feel like my old pattern of over-giving and putting up with harmful relationships and clients has evaporated. Not only have I said no to a number of projects but I’ve said yes to myself and my next level. Sue is a powerful shaman for other shamans and powerful women. She’s professional and kind.’ 

Ingrid Arna

CEO High End Empire , Business Marketing, Brisbane, Australia

‘In the restaurant business you get star ratings and at the top you get Michelin Star Chiefs. If I was a Healing Critic I would vote Sue as a top award as high as a Michelin Chief. Sue is the genuine thing. I would highly recommend her 

Antony Taylor

Wellbeing Coach, The Ozone Spa, Devon, Author of ‘Your Greatest Wealth’