Professional Harmony

Activate your highest wealth & success potential 

The potent wisdom of feng shui, healing & space clearing are incredible tools that can bring the support we need to ride these changing times and fulfil our destiny (IMO).

Skilful use of feng shui can create a work environment where there is harmony between the building, its environment and the people who work there, which means that you can be more efficient and productive. Creating energetic support for the staff can bring out their best potential, and by fine-tuning the balance of the five elements and yin & yang in the appropriate compass locations, feng shui may unlock the wealth potential of that building, so supporting your success and expansion.

Space clearing seeks to clear away stagnant energy and negative imprints from the past and previous occupiers and give you a fresh new revitalised start, filled with clarity, focus and optimism.

I have supported businesses since 2005, varying from accountants and management consultants, to hotels, restaurants and health retreats; from corporate companies to sole traders; local businesses to enterprises around the world.

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‘When I booked Sue Holmes, (, I trusted her completely but I wasn’t really sure about the process and what to expect. Here’s what I’ll say: OMG. What a shift. I feel like my old pattern of over-giving and putting up with harmful relationships and clients has evaporated. Not only have I said no to a number of projects but I’ve said yes to myself and my next level. Sue is a powerful shaman for other shamans and powerful women. She’s professional and kind.’ 

Ingrid Arna

CEO High-End Empire, Business Consultancy, Brisbane, Australia

The modalities that may be included in your Business Transformation Package

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