Train to be a professional accredited Space Clearing and Geomancy Consultant – in Portugal in 2019

During this certified training in space clearing and geomancy, I will share all my experience of practices and techniques for transforming homes and places – with consultation skills, creating ceremony, shamanic healing, sound and energy healing, spirit release, and land healing.

IPHM certified (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) Taught in English, with Portuguese translator when necessary

This Space Clearing & Geomancy training takes place over three residential 4-day modules:

Dates: 15-19 May, 4-8 September, 30 Oct-3rd Nov 2019

Times: Arrive by 6pm for dinner on the first day. Leave at 4pm on the last day.

Venue: Beautiful venue one hour from Lisbon  – we have sole occupancy of this 18th century manor house, set in 300 acres with a swimming lake. If travelling from outside Portugal, book flights in advance for the best deals, to Lisbon.

Details:  +44 7786 291967

Bookings:  +351 911 860618 (Escola National De Feng Shui, Lisbon, Portugal)

Cost: €1680 (Early bird: €1580 before the 31st of March). Payment plans available. Credit cards accepted. This fee includes full board accommodation and training. It does not include your travel expenses.

NB: Acceptance onto the training: Previous experience of healing, meditation, or other conscious body/energy work will be helpful, but is not essential to participate in this training. I may need to connect with you, preferably via skype or ‘facetime’, to discuss your suitability.

The Practitioner – Walking your talk – Space Clearing your home and life. Preparing yourself so that you can be in the best shape to Space Clear someone else’s home. How to empower and cleanse your energy field, so that you don’t ‘pick up’ energy from other people and their homes.

The Consultant – Professional practise, and how to communicate with clients from the initial contact, through the consultation and after care. How to deal with potential challenges and maintain safe and healthy boundaries. Practicalities and organisation.

The Ceremonialist – How to create sacred space, create an altar, facilitate a healing ceremony and hold space for your clients’ process.

The Healer – Sensing the energy in the space that needs to be cleared. Healing space, working with the elements. Sound healing, using tools such as drums, bells, gongs, chimes – as well as your voice.

The Geomancer – Tuning into the energy of the landscape and nature spirits, working with dowsing, crystals and earth acupuncture to harmonise the earth energies affecting the home.

The Shaman – Learn how to use shamanic journeying to be shown by spirit how to heal the place, and find the most appropriate ways for you to merge with your guides to carry out the healing. You may also connect with the spirits of that building and land, and become the ‘psychopomp’ (conductor of souls) where necessary, facilitating spirit release.

Bookings:  +351 911 860618 (Escola National De Feng Shui, Lisbon, Portugal)

Proponents of Space Clearing & Geomancy believe they can transform homes, business premises & land by detecting historical imprints & stagnant energy, & cleansing, harmonising & fine-tuning the energy of the space & land to support well-being & aspirations. This is an in-depth, comprehensive training, in which I share clear methods, demonstrate techniques and give you the opportunity to gain plenty of practical experience, with space to develop your unique skills. During this training, you will learn: 

  • Consulting with clients
  • Developing intuition & awareness
  • Partnership with spirit guides
  • Sound healing
  • Dowsing, geomancy & earth acupuncture
  • Working with the elements
  • The art of ritual & ceremony
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Shamanic healing
  • Divination
  • Spirit release
  • ‘Healthy home’ eg care with electro-magnetic fields & chemicals
  • Professional practise, safety & ethics
  • How to promote your business

After successfully completing all 3 modules & 5 case studies, you will qualify as a certified Professional Space Clearing & Geomancy Consultant.

Course accreditation and certification

This course is certified accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). In order to receive the certificate for ‘Space Transformation – space clearing & harmonising land & buildings’, you will need to complete all three modules (in the same year), demonstrate competence throughout the training, and produce five written accounts of case studies of Space Clearing work you have carried out. The certificate will allow you to get insurance to practise professionally.

Bookings:  +351 911 860618 (Escola National De Feng Shui, Lisbon, Portugal)

Solar Quinta do Pauchao – our beautiful venue for the Professional Space Clearing & Geomancy certified training in 2019.

A swimming lake, at the venue.

Client Testimonials

‘The course with Sue was magical. Full of new teachings, healing, support and lots of fun and love. I have been always impressed with how authentic Sue is, she has a huge heart and is an amazing healer and teacher.’                                                                                                        


Massage therapist- London

‘Sue is amazing! She is a wonderful mix of fun and professionalism. She has this ability to make you feel at ease, with her infectious laugh, and at the same time deeply honoured and securely held, by the directness of her gaze, which conveys the loving kindness she brings to all her work. I first met Sue a few years ago when we were co-teaching on an Energy Healing course and I was instantly struck by her warmth, and noticed how well-loved she was by all the students. She has such integrity and is really committed to being in service to others. I have experienced first-hand her competence and sensitivity in dealing with crises or helping people to process painful or difficult emotions. She is what you would call ‘a safe pair of hands’! You can feel secure in trusting your healing to her, and know that you will be met with compassion and confidentiality. Sue is dedicated to her own healing journey and is always adding to her skills – prepare to be amazed by what she can pull out of her magic toolbox! A great teacher, an excellent healer and, I’m happy to say, a good friend – If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with Sue, then I’d suggest you hurry up. This lady is in demand!’

Marianne Willis

Energy Healer, shamanic healer, teacher, south Wales.

I travelled from the US because I couldn’t find any type of training like this in the states. Sue is a great teacher, down to earth and very knowledgeable. I am grateful to be part of her class


(in transition), New York

I am so glad I did this course, it has deepened my trust & intuition & given me new skills too, and I love it. This work is so powerful & the feedback enriching. So deeply grateful Sue Holmes for the teachings & support.

Zena Boutayeb

Acupuncturist, kambo practitioner, space clearing & geomancy consultant, Manchester

‘Training with Sue was a truly life changing experience for me. The teachings were beautifully delivered with clarity and integrity. If anyone has the chance to work with Sue, I recommend jumping at the opportunity. I cannot recommend her highly enough!’

Holland Risley

Web design, Bristol

‘Sue’s teaching balances her extensive knowledge and experience with great integrity and humility. I highly recommend, and am looking forward to doing more trainings with, Sue!’

Amy Branton

Intuitive healer & visionary artist, Brighton

‘Sue’s teaching provided a good dose of technique, theory, personal experience & practice work allowing for a very well run & integrated course. Sue is a wonderful teacher with a great passion for her work which shows through her teaching and support. She delivers her work with great humility & with lot’s of humour coupled with a wonderful team around her which made the experience very easy going & fun. I look forward to a lot more learning experiences with Sue’


Spiritual group facilitator & healer, London

Life-changing! Deep & detailed. Variety of scope. Everything has worked by practice & from direct experience. Thank you Sue, with love.

Sophia Barta di Albufera

Space clearing & geomancy consultant, London

Learn to practise or teach this simple yet powerful technique for channelling angelic healing – for others and yourself

This course weaves together ancient shamanic methods with modern healing science, enriching you with a magical healing toolbox. You will also undergo a deep passage of personal healing transformation.

Learn to practise professional Space Clearing – healing for land & buildings – including geomancy, sound healing, shamanic healing, spirit release, and the art of ritual and ceremony.

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