Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer Training


Weaving together ancient shamanic healing methods with modern techniques of energy healing science, into one extra-ordinary healing toolbox!

The journey through these nine modules will give you a strong and simple root as an energy healer – a channel for light, working with the multidimensional levels of the energy body –  which builds into shamanic healing – working in strong partnership with spirit guides, facilitating freedom & empowerment for yourself and others.
You will have the opportunity for tremendous self-healing throughout the course, as part of your personal evolution, and to clean yourself as an instrument and channel for healing, and fulfil your potential as a healer in your community. The training demands focus, commitment, humility, openness, integrity and authenticity.

Year one: Energy healer

Module 1: Alignment & Infusion – aligning yourself & your client with earth, heart & spirit. Infusion of earth & heaven energy. Becoming a healer & holding space.
Module 2: Extraction – clearing energetic blockages from the energy body
Module 3: Sound Healing – using sound to assist with extraction & to strengthen the energy body
Module 4: Organ cleaning and spine regeneration – cleaning stagnant emotions from the major organs, & energising them and the spine.

Year Two – Shamanic practitioner

Module 5: Empowerment
– Becoming a shamanic practitioner
– Power Animal Retrieval – animal spirit ‘medicine’ or ‘power’
– Soul Retrieval (track & retrieve lost part’s of someone’s essence, bringing authenticity, presence & empowerment)
Module 6: Auric surgery
– Restoring the auric field and energy blue print for optimum health, with the assistance of spirit healers
– Deepening merging and healing with spirit allies
– Shamanic extraction – sucking method
Module 7: Relationship healing – with other people, things and the past 
– relationship cord healing
– regression technique
Module 8: Sovereignty
– Compassionate de-possession – liberating both the human host and the ‘suffering being’ to be themselves.                                          Module 9: Freedom – Curse and vow clearing

Each module includes movement, dance, live music, singing, being in nature, a sacred fire and sharing circles. We will become a close tribe over the course of the training, as we share and witness each other through this incredible journey of healing, transformation, magic and celebration.

How to apply: The current training is closed. The next intake will be in 2020. Dates and details tbc.


Course accreditation and certification

This course is certified accredited by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine). In order to receive a certificate for the training, you will need to complete all of the modules, demonstrate competent healing practise throughout the training and produce five written accounts of case studies of healing work you have carried out with clients. The certificate will allow you to get insurance to practise professionally.

Client Testimonials

‘The shamanic healing course is so enriching, nourishing and empowering, it shocks me to feel how much more of me is awake, present and open to embracing life. Sue brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with such a light and fun atmosphere. Thank you Sue’.


Master NLP practitioner, Bristol

‘What a great course! Sue’s training is methodical and from the heart. I connected and grew my relationships with my spirit guides and found real practical implications for all the shamanic methods and practices. With guidance, I worked on some, previously unknown to me, blockages and feel lighter, stronger and more myself than I have done before. I would highly recommend this work to anyone interested in this field. Thank you so much Sue.’ 

James Mallorie

Programme manager, Dorset

‘Sue’s course was absolutely amazing. She has great integrity and holds a strong and powerful space of healing and learning.  Sue has so many tools in her shamanic toolbox and she weaves all of her magic together with a light and humorous touch. Laughter and fun being one of her greatest gifts that she shares on the course. I received so much during the week, so many healing and teachings. I feel really empowered and excited about what lies ahead’.

Jinty Smith

Shamanic practitioner, Scotland

‘The course with Sue was magical. Full of new teachings, healing, support and lots of fun and love. I have been always impressed with how authentic Sue is, she has a huge heart and is an amazing healer and teacher.’                                                                                                        




Massage therapist, London

Learn to practise or teach this simple yet powerful technique for channelling angelic healing – for others and yourself

This course weaves together ancient shamanic methods with modern healing science, enriching you with a magical healing toolbox. You will also undergo a deep passage of personal healing transformation.

Learn to practise professional Space Clearing – healing for land & buildings – including geomancy, sound healing, shamanic healing, spirit release, and the art of ritual and ceremony.

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